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Weight Loss Can Help Joint Replacement Patients

New research by Dr. Alexander McLawhorn suggests that people who need joint replacement may benefit a lot by losing weight. Obesity is a growing public health issue. Obese patients are more likely to suffer from foot and ankle problems. Previous research has shown that tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and osteoarthritis occur more frequently in overweight people. Dr. William M. Mihalko, an orthopedic surgeon at Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics in Memphis, TN, has emphasized that while orthopedic procedures can greatly reduce pain and improve joint function, being obese negatively affects the outcome of orthopedic surgery. It's interesting that for every pound of body weight an individual gains, the joints receive a compressible load of 4 to 6 pounds. This is why excess weight is a risk factor for pain in soft tissues like ligaments and tendons. And this is why if you are overweight,  losing weight before knee surgery is so important. Given the impact of obesity on musculoskeletal healthy, it is believed that orthopedic surgeons should recommend weight loss to patients that need joint replacement. In his article "Weight Loss Eases Knee Pain", Orthopaedic surgeon Thomas J. Haverbush, M.D says that losing at least 10 pounds before surgery is the best thing you can do as a patient. If you can lose more weight even better. Dr Haverbush mentions a friend of his who had bad arthritis in both knees and total knee replacement seemed unavoidable. Well, this person tried to lose weight, and his condition improved so dramatically that surgery was not necessary any more.

Surgical Weight Loss or a Commercial Diet like BistroMD or Nutrisystem can help Patients Lose Weight

Research has shown that bariatric surgery can improve the outcome of joint replacement in obese patients who are candidates of knee replacement. While bariatric surgery is an effective weight loss method, surgical weight loss is not as cost effective as commercial hypocaloric diet programs. Nutrisystem is a clinically tested weight loss program that results in relatively fast (2 lb/weeks) weight loss. This hypocaloric diet program costs about $10 a day. Nutrisystem promo codes lower the monthly cost of the program to less than $250. Bariatric physician Dr Caroline Cederquist's meal delivery program, known as Bistro MD, is also a good option for effective weight loss. With a BistroMD coupon the plan costs around $180 a week.  In contrast, a typical bariatric surgery costs 40 times more. Nutrisystem coupon code 2016 is "30ofweightloss".

Patients should take responsibility for the choices they make when trying to lose weight. What is important is that losing 10 pounds reduces the load on your knees by 50 pounds. Therefore, a patient that is candidate for total knee replacement should be motivated to lose weight first.

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